Don Knotty Rods Inshore Series.

Next Tournament: 12/1/23 7am-12/10/23 2pm (10-day tournament)

Monthly tournament for bragging rights and cash payouts. CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) style tournament using the TourneyX  app. Tournaments are currently run 100% on the app with no Captains meetings. This will change for certain events.

You Must Create an Angler account on the TourneyX  app.

$60 to enter. You can purchase entry on the app when registering for a tournament or here Inshore series entry. make sure to use the same email used for your TourneyX  angler account when purchasing through after your purchase we will manually add you to the tournament.

We now have 3 Divisions.

  • Land Captain
  • Kayak/SUP
  • Open

Land Captain division photos must be taken from a land-based fishing location (dock, pier, land). You may fish the Open division from Land. 1 Person Per Entry!

Kayak/SUP divisions photos must be taken from the vessel you are fishing from (Kayak/Paddled board). You May fish the Open division from a Kayak/SUP. 1 Person Per Entry!

Open division can fish from any location within the allowed boundaries. Up to 4 anglers per entry.

you may also enter the Big Fish category for $20 in addition to standard entry.

  • # of angler's and payout structure.
  • 0-10 angler's winner take all.
  • 11-20 angler's pay out to Top 3.
  • 21+ angler's pay out to top 5.
  • Big Fish awarded to longest fish overall regardless of division.
We will be changing tournament rules periodically to keep tournaments interesting and fun. all updates will be posted in 
Don Knotty Rods Inshore Series Facebook group, and on the tournament rules page on the TourneyX app.
We will run species specific, artificial only, and species combination tournaments. rules will be explained in detail for each tournament on the Facebook group and the app.

     Tournament Rules

      1. Be Safe
      2. Follow all local and federal wildlife and boating laws.
      3. All anglers must use a Release Ruler.
      4. Any bait is allowed. 
      5. A randomly generated tournament identifier number will be released 1 hour prior to the start of the tournament. The identifier must be visible in all pictures such as written on a piece of tape on the deck of the boat or on a piece of paper. Photos with a non-legible Identifier will be Disqualified.
      1. Ponce inlet south to Sebastian Inlet. ICW only and NO INLETS!
      2. 0-10 angler's winner take all.
      3. 10-20 anglers pay out to Top 3
      4. 20+ anglers pay out to top 5.
      5. Handle fish with care and ensure a healthy fish release.
      6. All photos are subject to tournament director and judges approval.
      7. Photos shall be taken with the nose of the fish to the left touching the green area of the ruler at the 0 mark. Tail to the right with the fish laying on its right side. Examples Below!
      8. Scores will be calculated by the total length of 5 fish in any species combination.
      9. Big fish goes to longest over all fish of the 4 species.
      10. Red fish, Black Drum, Trout, and Snook will be scored.
      11. All fish lengths should be rounded DOWN to the nearest ¼” measurement.
      12. Have your camera ready and limit the amount of time the fish is out of the water.
      13. Do not litter and if possible, remove trash from the water to help clean the lagoon.
      14. Be respectful of other anglers.
      15. Be honest, if caught Cheaters will be disqualified and subject to ban from future events.
      16. After the tournament is over photos will be judged. allow up to 24 hours for final results. You will be contacted if you place in a money earning position.
      17. Have Fun!


      How to use the app.

      After you make an account on the TourneyXpro  app on your smart phone, you can search for Don Knotty Rods Inshore Series under the Tourney Registration tab. you can register and pay all on the app or you can pay here Inshore series entry and be manually entered via your angler account email address.

      1 hour prior to the start of the event a tournament identifier will be released under the identifiers tab. you will need to write this down or come up with a way to have the identifier present in all photos.  

      check in/out is not required but lets us know you are actively fishing the tournament.

      When you are ready to take a picture, tap the take a photo tab on the lower right. make sure you can clearly see the fish and ruler as well as the identifier number. Photos will be stored on your camera roll.

      When you are ready to submit a catch, tap the Submit Catch Tab. choose the tournament and tap submit catch. Here you will choose the photo of the fish you wish to submit, enter the length unit of measure and species. when ready tap submit catch, here you will have the option to submit to the leader board if you have cell reception or send to live well if you have bad reception and submit later.  once you have good cell reception, on the live well tab you will swipe right to submit, or swipe left to delete. We suggest submitting all fish as the smaller fish will automatically be culled from your catch and the 5 biggest will make up your score.

      Tap the Standings tab then the tournament to view the current leaderboard of the tournament, and your position. Here you will also be able to view the other anglers submitted catch and photos.